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We love to bring rich excitement to business initiatives at all levels – To help you optimise commercial returns we identify relevant consumer/customer engaging ideas that hit true insight and we focus heavily on bringing commercial value to the fore for all. Our broad ranging skills encompass branding, creative design, marketing, sales, route to market, operations, finance and regulatory and technical; our capability stems from a wealth and depth of International experience working around the globe both within Blue-chip organisations and for many years on their behalf as consultants.

During these years, across many diversified cultures and differing degrees of market maturity, contrasting and dynamic business situations bring about rich understanding, which range from fledgling start-ups to major corporate turnarounds – from calamity to recovery and beyond; they all deliver an invaluable wealth of experience. There is no substitute to over 25 years’ experience in the fast-burgeoning markets of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Some of our clients

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Snapshot Project 2018

Viva La Vie, Viva La VIE 100.

Unearthing the value in home grown fruit treasures of Thailand. Evolving a world where sensory pleasure and health become one in the HORECA trade channel - Juice as nature intended.

Frontline Management

Vernon Bradley

38 years in food and health care with top multinationals (Cadbury, SmithKline Beecham, Nestlé, IPSEN) across the continents of Asia, Europe, Middle East and USA with enough years in China to complete a compelling novel. Significant experience in pioneering Brand development, Business Recovery, Turnarounds and Start-ups with significant Asian bias. One with relentless passion for unearthing distinctive creative solutions that resonate with consumers, build critical sales mass and add value to the bottom line.
+44 7757505358

Paul McDonald

A business all-rounder including marketing, operations and technical, with over 40 years in beverages, food and health care across Asia, Europe and Africa. Paul has worked with market leaders Cadbury Schweppes, Swire Coca-Cola, and managed countless projects for MNCs; his client's include Tetra Pak, DKSH, Unilever and Reckitt Benckiser, and regional players such as Yili Dairy China and Vitasoy. Three decades of working China, bolstered by fluent Mandarin and Cantonese, has made him ‘an old friend’ of China.
+44 7990585883

Alastair Fairgrieve

A leading expert in consumer insights and marketing strategy who helps businesses grow with a robust focus on understanding consumer needs. More than 25 years experience leading research and consumer insights functions in the Foodservice and Beauty sectors. 8 years as VP, Chief Insight Officer for McDonald’s restaurants in Europe. Significant experience of turning businesses around including years spent in Tokyo, leading menu, beverage , channel and CRM strategy for McDonald’s Japan Co. Led the consumer insights function for Avon Products Ltd in both EMEA and APAC and significant experience and knowledge of working in both South East Asia, China and Japan.
+44 7570 855939

Juliane Gagel

From German descent to Chinese ascent - Juliane, fully fluent in Mandarin, has 14 years of heavy weight experience in the Healthcare and Consumer Packaged Goods industries of China and Taiwan. Working with DKSH and others she has become fully immersed in Chinese culture. Her areas of speciality include infant formula, nutritional and dietary supplements, OTC medication and family planning devices. Beware Her tiger like grip on organisational management in the sales and marketing arena!

Jane McDonald

As a SRN, SCM and clinical teacher, Jane trained at world renowned St Bartholomews Hospital and was later a midwifery sister in the Kings College Hospital group in a multi-ethnic area of London. In her later career in Hong Kong she became school nurse at Jockey Club Sara Roe school for children and young adults with special needs and continued this speciality on return UK at John Grant school in Caister Norfolk. Jane’s practical experience in areas such as head lice treatment, skincare for infants, within mixed communities, is an invaluable resource.

China - Our Roots Your Wings

China On The Grow

It was once said that ‘When China wakes the world will tremble’. The fast pace of change in China over the last 2 decades is unprecedented. China has moved from being the ‘factory of the world’ to ‘the market for the world’. Deng Xiao Ping once said ‘to get rich is glorious’ - today the burgeoning middle-class bathe in this glory thereby fuelling local demand. The government, in encouraging fast economic growth, is renowned for keeping tight social control, resulting in intermittent interventions and unremitting changes in policy and procedures.

This process is widely misunderstood or misinterpreted in the West, meaning that the unwary may will sink in this abyss. Driven by the excitement of scale many corporations develop ambitious plans only to fall foul of the complexity of the market confounding their initial promises and expectations. ArrowLine has its finger on the pulse … and brings appropriate guidance and know-how in traditional and modern trade as well as the dynamic eCommerce sector - China now approaching 50% of global online business1

1 Source:McKinsey&Company

Strategic Partnership

In 2018 ArrowLine formed a strategic partnership with the Shenzhen Vila’s pharmaceutical technology company Ltd [VILA’S] – a ‘go to’ distribution specialist with its own central warehousing in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Whilst Vila’s specialises in skin-care packaged goods and has extensive reach across the various trade channels it is rapidly expanding its well proven base into other healthcare package goods categories. The company has notable presence in >300 high end supermarkets, >30,000 convenience stores through a tie with Sinopec, an ever increasing number of pharmacies, drugstores and beauty shops (~2,000 today) and it is driving reach across another 2,000 Mother & Baby stores. More than 30% of the business however is now coming from extensive online reach via We chat, Taboa, JD etc.

In partnership with Vila’s, ArrowLine is seizing opportunity for suppliers who seek to build a sustainable business footprint in China of an import basis. The existing client roster, locally includes major household names such as Nivea, Aveno, KissMe and many other foreign brands.

What we bring to the table

ArrowLineWe apply a “Logical & Analytical” process within the framework of our thinking and planning.

Fact analysis is key but so too are the tools that we use to extract and analyse information. With a passion for “The Academic” we seize opportunity in this area and apply a practical thinking process to most matters that both sorts the wood from the trees and unearths a pot of gold … It all comes from years of experience both in using the tried, tested traditional tools, supplemented by those important skillsets we developed ourselves.

ArrowLine We pursue flawless and practical execution.

Strategy is important but no less so than flawless execution. With an eye for the detail and a passion that is sine quo non-we will push to raise the bar every time as evidenced on one assignment with one client in a 4A’s agency who remarked upon our ‘outright thirst for perfection’. Of course, part of the practicality will always come down to money - a matter always front of mind. We enjoy the challenge of 'creating' with very little resource, as we know how much the bottom line counts. Indeed, our passion for the value chain and P&L will find you the money…

ArrowLineWe pursue wholly distinct and relevant creativity.

Standing out in an ever-crowded marketplace gets harder by the day but natural flair for the creative coupled with a hell-bent desire to discover new ideas that hit home with impact is key to our success. Whether this is a new product or a communications campaign or perhaps a drive for instore visibility or on-line engagement, we will always strive to create originality

ArrowLine We thrive on unlocking the route to market.

Marketing is a key part of the equation but beyond this there are a host of other disciplines. Today the route to market and the value chain is more often than not the biggest challenge. The world is ever-more competitive, customers have become more sophisticated, margins are being squeezed and new tech driven business models are being developed which disrupt conventional wisdom - but ultimately, enhanced and adapted wisdom holds the key to success. In ArrowLine Marketing Ltd we accept and eagerly embrace such challenging dynamics

The forest of business can be a daunting place
Unlock The Potential in Your Team

Management Coaching

ArrowLine People make a difference

Successful companies derive their excellence largely from highly motivated and focused managers, since they recognise that ‘PEOPLE MAKE A DIFFERENCE’ and are a key component of success. With a lifetime global experience in FMCG we understand the importance of strong leadership, which brings clarity to vision and the transformational process and defines goal alignment and team functionality. We exist to bring out the very best in you and your people. As seasoned players in ARROWLINE our mission is to ignite your capabilities and leverage the power in you and your team.

ArrowLine The untold value of coaching

Day to day “operational sweat” calls for one to sit back and ask question after question, often leading to undue delays in the management process. An experienced outside coach can lend untold value in bringing a far clearer perspective to everyday problems. Moreover, a coach can bring added firepower, driving inspiration and building confidence in the decision-making process.

ArrowLine The forest of business can be a daunting place

Whilst the old proverb. ‘You can’t see the wood for trees’ may have fallen out of fashion, it is all too often alarmingly true. Today’s business environment is characterized by intense competition, unrelenting pressure for results and a dizzying increase in information flow, transforming the ‘forest of business’ into a daunting place.

ArrowLine ArrowLine looks to unleash the power in you

In ARROWLINE, we view the function of an outside coach as introducing invaluable motivational experience and insights that will enable your team to perform at their very best by unlocking their true potential. With our wide experience and through our own senior management coaching and facilitation processes we take you on a journey of self-discovery unleashing the full value in your individual leadership and collective talents.

Consultancy Case Studies

The Vie100 Company Ltd – New Asian Company.

VIE100 Beverages Thailand

A Beverage start-up where we have commercialised a unique range of fruit drinks based on precious local fruits of Thailand.

NESTLÉ Malaysia- Consultancy

NESTLÉ Malaysia

Assisting turnaround, reigniting growth of flagship brands MILO and NESCAFÉ and helping evolve the long-term business plan for upward approvals.

IPSEN Pharmaceuticals China – Consultancy

IPSEN Pharmaceuticals China

Scoping the opportunity to consumerise the all-powerful SMECTA prescription brand.

IPSEN Pharmaceuticals Asia – Consultancy

IPSEN Pharmaceuticals Asia

Scoping and designing an OTC transformation for the TANAKAN brand in Malaysia and Vietnam.

Actalene – New Business.


Leveraging industrial produce and unleashing consumer opportunity in high-end surface polish and cleanliness.

NESTLÉ Malaysia- Consultancy

MONTY & TOTCO Thailand

Redefining brand identity across a range of highly innovative Asian snacks and extending commercial value to the UK through modern and traditional trade.



Embedding new bottling capability on the ground in China including the transformation of former state-owned enterprises.

Reckitt Benckiser - Detol


Revitalizing Dettol through shift of emphasis to secondary cities in China

4care’s Tastifit – Brand & Business development


Assisting the commercialization of ground-breaking innovation in plant-based food technology in Thailand and conducting feasibility assessment in the UK.

6 Small Enterprises – Business Development


Acting incubator for many entrepreneurial start-ups in the area of Thai food and beverage in conjunction with the government's GrowthAccelerator programme.


Managing the due diligence on flotation of GREATVIEW for MORGAN STANLEY and expansion to North Africa thereafter.

Vie100 Mangosteen Powder

VIE100 - Health Food Supplement UK

Pioneering the UK launch of a unique new antioxidant healthcare supplement with 10 x the efficacy value of vitamin C.

NESTLÉ MAGHREB – Marketing Support

NESTLÉ North Africa

Repositioning and reigniting growth of NESTLÉ'S flagship NESCAFÉ brand in the Maghreb region.

6 Small Enterprises – Business Development

NESTLÉ Sri Lanka

Relaunching ‘Powerhouse Brand’ NESTOMALT, household favourite MAGGI, NESCAFÉ, MILO and many others.

Actalene – New Business.


Bringing the brand back to category norms and unleashing the value of paradise in a bottle across select Asian territories.

NESTLÉ Malaysia- Consultancy


Contending with the milk melamine crisis, designing and implementing a recovery programme to bring the entire NESTLÉ business back from the brink of total collapse.


Driving change in the pack landscape across Asia from China to Indonesia, Bangladesh and beyond

VITASOY Australia

Building technical capability beyond the carton and extending export reach in an Australian joint venture initiative.

ACTIS China & Africa

Managing the due diligence for Private equity company on China and Africa acquisitions

DKSH China

Transforming DKSH China into a legitimate OTC business via management of government authorities and leading a subsequent acquisition drive

Edu-Plus International – Online Support

EDU-PLUS International

Re-dimensioning and enriching the capability of the regulatory organisation behind the UK Thai food and beverage restaurant tade through enhancing their own digital presence.